Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Arrived In Dublin

Greetings all! Finally have found internet cafe - it's approx. 7 pm here in Dublin - arrived at Harvey's guest house about 2 hours ago. It had just finished raining (yet again) as I boarded the plane in Edinburgh on AerLingus....as I got seated and looked out the window- there was the prettiest rainbow in the sky! I have to think that the ol' veteran set that up to let me know he was proud that I was making the journey to Ireland!! Delightful flight from Edinbourgh to Dublin over the Irish sea cruising at 2400 feet and 450 mph/sog. Saw a few ships on the Irish sea and many whitecaps as it was quite windy out there. I gotta say - if you have seen the movie YANKS and know the seen when they are flying over to Ireland - that was the feeling I had as I first spotted land - it was a small island with a lighthouse of sorts......I just couldn't be happier to finally be here in Ireland!
My luggage has sprouted an identity of it's own. After all the shopping I did in Scotland ( Waters Fam - guess what you are getting for Christmas this year? ) - I may have to package up my dirty laundry and ship it home along with a few other things - ahh but I will wait until I get to London to decide that!
Hey Shelagh - you would love this - my room here in Ireland is up 4 - count em - FOUR flights of stairs! I thought of you when I realized that! I had to unpack the half of the life-of-it's own suitcase in order to get everything upstairs!
As of 33 minutes ago the pub count is up to 16. I am on O'Connell street in Dublin making my way to the Temple Bar where I hope to get dinner and a few pints. It was a challenge to find O'Connel street as the streets aren't clearly marked and I had to stop at a pub for a pint in order to justify asking directions!

Anywho - all is well - I am in Ireland safe and sound.....still trying to find an internet cafe where I can plug my camera in via USB port - rest assured I have plenty of pics - have taken nearly 300 shots so far with room for another 475 +/-.

Hey Jeff - next time you point us to a bar - can you point in the RIGHT direction? The concensus is that you clearly pointed us to the corner opposite the IBIS - when the ~The City Cafe~ was just 3 or 4 doors down from the Ibis!


Glad everthing is going well. Can't wait to see the pictures when you come back.

Wow! Nance - sounds like fun! Looking forward to seeing everyone's Christmas Gift. What a great idea! I hope you have pictures of you, too!
We had a lot of rain here yesterday and snow in the hills last night. Hope you can stay dry!

I read your blog to mom - she got teary...
Have a good day ! Mare
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