Monday, November 28, 2005

Final Entry from the Trip...and ...the list!

My last night in London found me a discount ticket to the Producers - someone gave me the idea to try to see a show in London - and I found a ticket booth in Picadilly Circus which paid off!

At long last a final SLAINTE to the 43 pubs in 9 days in 3 Countries.....

-1. at JFK Airport -Broadway Brewery Co ....a bottle of Checker Cab Blonde started off the adventure in the states!

Edinburgh, Scotland...

0. Genneros - First night in Scotland - starved and jetlagged - found me a fine Italian place for dinner and Peroni's
0.1 Bennet's Pub - Deuchars IPA, Ameretto on the rocks.....right down the street from the Braveheart Guest Hotel
1. Auld Told Bar - established in 1706 - they pured a fine pint of cider as I watched Rugby
2. Home Street bar - Ahh.....the first Guinness on Tap!
3. IBIS - wine and prepping for the evening with the others from the states
4. World's End - STELLA!!!
5. Tapas - Sangria for one and all!!
6. Filling Station - Waiter! More Wine!
7. Belushi's - Fosters and Jameson's anyone?
9. Ensign Elwart - a fine place for some mac & cheese & a pint of Stella!
10. Frankensteins - where I met my dream man in green who bought me a pint of Foster's!
11. Deacon Brodie's Tavern - drink of choice - Belhaven's Best
12. The Arcade Bar - My Goodness! My Guinness!
13. The Mitre - Wine and Haggis with Neeps and Tatties!
14. City Cafe - some of us finally got th`ere~!
15. The Advocate - Siglo - a tasty wine!

Dublin, Ireland

16. Maye's - got parched searching for O'Connel Street - first Foster's was the first lever I saw...
17. The White Horse Inn....After getting off O'Connel Street, searching for the Temple Bar - thirst and hunger took over ....amazing how filling Guinness can be!
18. Buskar's - sos - Guinness anyone?
19. Fitzsimmons - ayre for a pint of Stella donchaknow!
20. Temple Street Bar! AT LAST! Let there be Guinness a-flowin', Live Irish Music in the air and a guy playin da spoons!
21. The Quays for Fosters and Flirting with the Irish Gents!

22. Panama Bar - Lunch anyone? Tones it down a bit with an Amstel ...
23. Gravity Bar - at the Guinness Storehouse~ St. James Gate Brewery!
24. Belvedere's - Tato's and Guinness!!
25. Madigan's - Opening Time is Guinness Time!
26. Fitzgerald's - If he can say as you can...Guinness is Good For You....How Grand to be a Toucan....Just think what Toucan do!
27. Hard Rock Cafe - Was craving American cuisine in the flavor of MGD and potato skins!
28. The Quay's - hmmmm....can't remember what I drank there!
29. Goggarty's - A final Guinness in Dublin!

London, England

30. The Strand - I was lost and stranded and Stella found me..
31. Lyceum Tavern - a fine English pub where a local chap suggested Ayingerbrau.... (spelling might be off!)
32. The Old Amalfi Grill - yes yes - restaurants are included in my Pub List - had a fine dinner with my chianti - or is it the other way around?
33. The Anchor Tap - after touring the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London, I found myself again seeking out one of Sam Smith's pubs for another taste of Ayingerbrau
34. The Blue Posts - Guinness withdrawals
35. Deham's Pub - Amstel is served just as cold there!
36. The Cambridge - must've been hungry 'cuz me notes say I had a Stella and a Salad...
37. Jack Horner - A glass of your house red wine if you please!
38. The Area - Any time of day is good for a Guinness!
39. The Brewmaster - That damned beatch Stellas was hounding me again!
40. Belushi's - wait?! Wasn't there one of those in Edinburgh? Bloody Hell!! Simply had to stop in for a pint and shot of Jameson's!
41. All Bar One - Your finest House Shiraz to gear up for the theatre this evening!
42. The Ivy - STELLA! Stop trippin' on me wavelength!
43. Los Locos - Yes yes - last entry was at a Mexican place for dinner and Margaritas!

Alrighty then....thus ends the tale of my adventures in the UK...hope you enjoyed perusing my posts.... future posts coming up will include Missing Marina's - and fun with Wax Lips.....stay tuned!!

Victoria & Albert Museum

On your Next Trip to London - which I am certain you are all planning the next trip across the big pond simply MUST get to the Victoria and Albert Museum!

Some of the works of art are originals...some are replicas - but I couldn't tell a difference and it was trully awesome to see the statues and plaques on the walls!!

This is a HUGE Golden Door - where each panel told a story - I think it was of the biblical story persuasion....I really REALLY wish that when I was taking these pictures I was writing down what it was I was looking at.....cie la vie - keeps me out of copywright infringements.......

This is a neat wall statue.....very uh.....poignant.......

Of Course - the MOST fabulous highlight of the V&A museum was the replica of Michelangelo's Statue of David......I took some other shots from other angels that aren't suitable for publication - if you know what I mean.......But this statue was FRIGGIN' HUGE!!

As you can tell - after the David.....I was at a loss....couldn't keep my mind on what statues were these are the statues that piqued my interest to a certain degree after viewing David in detail.....

Shopping anyone?

Buckingham Palace

Saturday - October 29 2005 found me at the gates of Buckingham Place.......unfortunately - I don't have enough clout to get in....maybe they couldn't match my passport ID with my real eyes since they were porbably still bloodshot from Dublin!

<---This is the main gate - quite impressive!

A detailed view of some of the decor ......

I tried to rush the gate and was headed for the inside when the folks at Scotland Yard pulled me back! Unfortunately - nno one got a picture of that chaos!

Fountains....and a statue of Queen Victoria.....

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tower Bridge

After spending a looong time touring the Tower of London - I then visited the Tower Bridge. It was amazing to learn of it's history and view the architecture close up.

The views were awesome! The pic below is of a unique building that the local in London refer to as "The Pickle Building" does seem a bit phallic to me.....

damn - can't seem to get me mind outta the gutt'r....maybe I was startin' to get homesick.....

To the right here is the view of the Tower of London from the top of the Tower Bridge....

This is the HMS Belfast docked to the South of the bridge...

The view up the River Thames ....

The end of the tour wraps up with viewing the engine rooms.....

but MY end of the tour of the Tower Bridge found me looking up one of the tours and getting a bit parched.....

found a local pub and made friends with the regulars!

The Tower Of London

The Tower of London is definitely a sight to see! Above is a model of just how large it is - there are many corners and towers and a room filled with the crown jewels - ( no cameras allowed though!). If you go to London - visiting the The Tower of London should be on your agenda!

This view was from the White Tower - people actually still live inside the Tower of London!

This is Henry the VIII's
- armor - for those that know me - well - there seemed to be one central spot in the armor that is more pronounced - talk about protecting the jewels!!

This pic is for my lovely niece Emily - who knows how much I LOVE purple! I gotta get me windows like these!

The British Musem

My first morning in London found me seeking out the City Bus Tour...first stop was the British Museum - this is a good shot with one of the classic Black Cabs cruising by the front!

If ANYONE can guess what this picture --->
is of - I will take you out for dinner .....
Couple of Hints:
- it's a piece of art;
- it's hanging on the wall;
- it uses recycled parts;
- the parts can be correlated to one of my prior professions.....

hmmmmm...that will get you thinking!!!

Aside from many lovely statues... There was the Rosetta Stone!!

And a section of the Parthenon!!

London - Day 1

Arrived in London on a spectactularly sunny day!
A $60 cab ride from Heathrow to The Hotel Bonnington ( yeshhh yeshhh....stick your nose up in the air when you say that! ).
My cab driver suggested I head to the London Eye for perfect views of London. So I unpacked and got myself fired up for an evening in London - walked down to Waterloo Bridge - and as I rounded the main part of the bridge - there was a beautiful sight to behold!!

This was the view - a gorgeous sunny day! London Eye! Big Ben! Parliament!!
The Thames! AMAZING!

Yeshh Yeshhh.....another one of my self portraits... this was after having an order of "Jacket Potatoes" - gotta take in the local fare !

I then walked along the Thames and there were a slew of street performers. On the left is a mummy who entertained the crowds by "loosing" an eye and asking the kiddies for help!

Other than that - there were many mimes lined up on the walkway....

As I waited in line for my turn in the London Eye....this was the sight of Big Ben with towers of Parliament in the background.....

The picture on the far left was taken from the top of the Ferris Wheel - OOPS! London Eye sunset! Simply beautiful!!

Afterwards - I walked on London Bridge and took some this funky shot of Big Ben...

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