Monday, November 28, 2005

Victoria & Albert Museum

On your Next Trip to London - which I am certain you are all planning the next trip across the big pond simply MUST get to the Victoria and Albert Museum!

Some of the works of art are originals...some are replicas - but I couldn't tell a difference and it was trully awesome to see the statues and plaques on the walls!!

This is a HUGE Golden Door - where each panel told a story - I think it was of the biblical story persuasion....I really REALLY wish that when I was taking these pictures I was writing down what it was I was looking at.....cie la vie - keeps me out of copywright infringements.......

This is a neat wall statue.....very uh.....poignant.......

Of Course - the MOST fabulous highlight of the V&A museum was the replica of Michelangelo's Statue of David......I took some other shots from other angels that aren't suitable for publication - if you know what I mean.......But this statue was FRIGGIN' HUGE!!

As you can tell - after the David.....I was at a loss....couldn't keep my mind on what statues were these are the statues that piqued my interest to a certain degree after viewing David in detail.....

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