Monday, October 31, 2005

}:-0 Happy Halloween!!! =^^=

Took Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet home and the effects haven't worn off - dressing up as The Invisible Woman today - in other words - you may or may not see me!

Finally am able to download photos! Blooody Hell!! Had to uninstall spyware - took a few tries to get the software set up properly - but mission is accomplished! To the left is our Bride and Groom of October 22, 2005 - Mark and Sarah Ferguson sorrounded by all the othere guests who donned kilts for the day!

Below is what the 18th floor at the KofC has been waiting for....

I took a total of 584 photos - so it may take a while to get them all sorted out - I have had to reboot me machine a few times in order to get them all down to my pc.....but as promised here are a few....just to get us started....albiet there are many, MANY more!!! Here are the Bride and Groom cutting the cake - can you take a look at that sword?

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Hangin' at Heathrow

Well I guess I am running out of money and room in my suitcase (aka - 'The Beast') and it is time to head home. T - I will call you when I either get to JFK or Grand Central.
Hope you all enjoyed reading my exploits - pictures will be downloaded when I get home!

Ps - The Producers was a fabulous show!!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

London Pub Count...

...just hit 41!
Off to to see The Producers at 7:30 this evening - have ticket......spent the day on the city tour and got to Buckingham Palace - I knowcked but they would let me in - Bloody Hell! Walked over to Harrod's and then to a few museums - be feet were tired so I hailed a black cab ( the safest taxi in London) back to hopping me way back to the Bonnington and then it is off to the show! Flight is at 11 am Sunday so I reckon I gotta pack......running outta $$$ so I rckon it is time to come home anyway - it's been a great time out here! So far - of the the cities - I would go back to Dublin first - go figure!!

Hugs to all!!


Friday, October 28, 2005

London Update

Having a fine day here in Great Britian! Started off at the British musem - the thrill of that was seeing the Rosetta Stone. Hopped on a City Tour of London to the Tower of London and then the Tower Bridge. Shelagh - you would've LOVED the stairs! Saw where Charles and Di got married - as well as The Monument - no lift to the top - ie = stairs! Can I tell ya that if I never see a spiral staircase again I will be a happy girl?
I got dropped off in Piccadilly circus and am pub-hoping my way back to the hotel ( it's only 6:20 pm).....I bought a ticket for 'The Producers' for tomorrow night for £30. Hopefully I am not getting ripped off and will actually get to see a show in London!
Just had a bite to eat at a pub and had a chicken ceaser salad. Those who know how much I love me salad's will be interested to know that halfway thru I encountered a 'fishy' taste. Well - it was a real anchovey and I simply cannot do those! I finished the salad with a sole anchovey left behind...

Today's Misc. notes:
Kathy - I bought yer chocolate in the Tower of London!
Shelagh - stairs - need I say more?
Did I ever mention how tasty the Haggis with neeps & tatties was at the Mitre in Edinburgh?
The doors to many places are those funky half doors - not like those big standard doors back in the states...
T - tell Em and Sarah that I am not a princess yet! The search continues!
For those 'While you were Sleeping' fans - I got a stamp in my passport for Ireland! Next s/b Venice!
Me pints of Guiness are being Mastered!
No signs of 'When Irish hands were groping....'
Will see how late I can find a pub open in London Mare....
SHOW26 - I watched Crystal Palace beat Liverppol in futball while strolling 3 pubs in Dublin....( you don't say SOCCER here - nor do you say that London has a Ferris wheel)
Edinburgh there were no SUV's - mostly sedans, taxis and buses....
Dublin there were a few SUV's - mostly driven by drunkan Irishman!
London - a few more SUV's still not nearly as many as there are back in the states!

When all is said and done I will put out an entry of all the pubs I have hit...until then - the crawl continues! The count stands at 36 for the moment..with over 500 some-odd pics on the digital camera and a dead battery ( which is why I need to head back to the hotel to recharge).. I am mastering the self-picture portrait with scenery in the background.

CHEERS Dahlings!!


Watched some stupid movie last night in my room and finally got a good night's sleep....which means I was up for breakfast today. It's drizzling and rainy today and not quite sure what I will be doing - might do a city tour on one of those hop-on hop-off buses.
After the B&B's - it's nice to be in a real hotel - the Bonnington is lovely and I found this internet cafe right next door - how convenient - huh?

Off and running for Friday's adventures........!!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Cape Cod in London!

Yes - Yes - I have made it to my third country - pub count is at 32 - Pictures on digital camera is around 400...tonight I watched the Sunset over London from the London Eye ( i.e. BIG Ferris wheel). For any of those Google Earth - people out there - go to London and you can find the London Eye - I was there! Was absouletly stunning to watch the sunset next to Big Ben - couldn't have planned it better - it just worked out that at preceisely at Sunset - i was in car 11 atop the London Eye. Cool - totally cool!

Couple of things to note -
Sue - they use the Euro in Dublin - now I am back to using £'s...
Jeff - Ever find the City Cafe?
Mike H. - Still looking for a good Indian restaurant - can you help?
Shelagh & Fernando - how is Glasgow?
Terri - you taping ER? Don't forget the $ pickup!
Vicki & little Eff and 18th floor peeps - Trust me! I do have pictures - just haven't been able to download them! But when I do....
Lara - miss me on the train?

miscellanea.... it's a good thing that at crosswalks they tell you which way to look - I almost got hit crossing the street a few times in Dublin - but I seem to have the system down now here in London!
....'To Go ' or 'Take Away' prices are cheaper than the sit in prices...

K - believe it or not I am tired - had a lovely dinner at a fine Italian restaurant and need to crash if I am going to make it thru Friday and Saturday....I needs me rest donchaknow!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

For those keeping track.... count is up to 23...number of times I lost O'Connell Street is 3....number of pictures on my camera is 384! I successfully ~'found' Temple Bar last night - listened to live Irish music complete with an old timer playing the spoons and a soulful rendition of 'Oh Danny Boy' - Gotta say you haven't lived until you have heard the ballad of Molly Malone and Oh Danny Boy by true Irish musicians in a true Irish Bar with a pint of Guinness! Eventually I ended up at the Quays (pronounced 'keys') for more live music and two gents singing 'Good Night Irene'. Standing up front of the 'stage' - I made friends with the band and didn't have to pay for another drink the rest of the night! Hmmmm....I guess I make friends easily in every country! I even got to use the 'private' toilet next to the bar instead of those icky public ones! Needless to say - I will be heading back there tonight - Sliante!

Today was a City Tour of Dublin - convenient tour bus where you pay one price and can hop on and hop off throughout the various 21 stops in the city. The main places I went today was St. Patrick's cathedral - Mom would be so proud! I bought some trinkets at the gift shop and a priest in a purple robe was working the register.........go figure! Took some beautiful shots of St. Pat's!

My next stop was at - the Guinness Storehouse - they own some 60 acres of property here. Admiddetly - I am getting hooked on Guinness! If all went well - I emailed a pic of me at Guinness to Terri and Lara. At the end of the tour was a glassed in floor with 360 panoramic views of the city! Oh yes - and few pint of Guinness on it's home turf! And yes - it WAS served COLD!!

Alrighty then it's round 7 pm here - headed back to Harvey's guest house to rest of for round two of the day - will be up early to catch the flight to London - will miss Dublin - but will simply have to plan a longer trip here!

Good Nite Irene - Good Nite Irene - I'll see you in my dreams!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Arrived In Dublin

Greetings all! Finally have found internet cafe - it's approx. 7 pm here in Dublin - arrived at Harvey's guest house about 2 hours ago. It had just finished raining (yet again) as I boarded the plane in Edinburgh on I got seated and looked out the window- there was the prettiest rainbow in the sky! I have to think that the ol' veteran set that up to let me know he was proud that I was making the journey to Ireland!! Delightful flight from Edinbourgh to Dublin over the Irish sea cruising at 2400 feet and 450 mph/sog. Saw a few ships on the Irish sea and many whitecaps as it was quite windy out there. I gotta say - if you have seen the movie YANKS and know the seen when they are flying over to Ireland - that was the feeling I had as I first spotted land - it was a small island with a lighthouse of sorts......I just couldn't be happier to finally be here in Ireland!
My luggage has sprouted an identity of it's own. After all the shopping I did in Scotland ( Waters Fam - guess what you are getting for Christmas this year? ) - I may have to package up my dirty laundry and ship it home along with a few other things - ahh but I will wait until I get to London to decide that!
Hey Shelagh - you would love this - my room here in Ireland is up 4 - count em - FOUR flights of stairs! I thought of you when I realized that! I had to unpack the half of the life-of-it's own suitcase in order to get everything upstairs!
As of 33 minutes ago the pub count is up to 16. I am on O'Connell street in Dublin making my way to the Temple Bar where I hope to get dinner and a few pints. It was a challenge to find O'Connel street as the streets aren't clearly marked and I had to stop at a pub for a pint in order to justify asking directions!

Anywho - all is well - I am in Ireland safe and sound.....still trying to find an internet cafe where I can plug my camera in via USB port - rest assured I have plenty of pics - have taken nearly 300 shots so far with room for another 475 +/-.

Hey Jeff - next time you point us to a bar - can you point in the RIGHT direction? The concensus is that you clearly pointed us to the corner opposite the IBIS - when the ~The City Cafe~ was just 3 or 4 doors down from the Ibis!


Monday, October 24, 2005

Pub Count.... up to 8....and it isn't even noon yet!Still unable to download photos from the wedding - I need an XP machine and haven't found one yet. No worries - have several photos of Mr. Street's knees - not all to be published - I have to have my bribery shots for the future! Mark and Sarah should be on the isle or Mauritious (sp?) - I am sure he enjoyed the 14 hour flight with a 24 hour hangover!
Had dinner w/ Shelagh, Fernando, Mike, Bill, Sue & Jeff last night at a Topless places - er - I mean - Tapas place!

The rain is pounding quite heavy today and I am off to explore the Royal Mile and Edinburgh Castle. Pub count sure to increase before the day is through........

Sunday, October 23, 2005

It's Raining - Again!

Survived the wedding in the castle...never dreamed I would dance with men in kilts! Fabulous wedding at Borthwick castle! Still working on downloading pics from me to search for abite to eat - so far I have missed breakfast twoce at the B&B - cie la vie!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Wedding Day!

Greetings from Edinburgh!
Got settled in me room 'round 3:40 yesterday - very tired and in need of nap and a shower! Went out for a late dinner at a lovely Italian place - stopped in a pub down the street from Braveheart - Pub count now at 2.
Liz - I found your MongaHead supplies.....
Stepped out for breakfast this morning - can you believe they served baked beans with eggs, ham, frenchtoast, chips (a.k.a French fries) and brown bread pudding? Interesting meal - tasty.
Be sure and let the Madre know that over here they even serve baked beans for breakfast! She will want to stock up!

Will be heading back to Braveheart to prepare for the wedding - sporting the curly hair look today with the drizzling rain here. hugs and kisses to all!


Friday, October 21, 2005

arrived in LHR

Have arrived in London & awaiting flight to Edinburgh! All is well and pub stop count is only @ 1 (with 2 pints donchaknow!)!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


While in the UK ( & NOT Utah!) - I plan to check this email address if you want to drop me a note!

Sunday, October 09, 2005


I leave on Thursday 10/20/2005 from JFK - American Airlines Flight # 116, departs @ 11:30 pm. Arrive on Friday 10/21 at LHR - London @ 11:15 am.
Depart LHR - Flight 6512 on Luftansa departs @ 1:05 pm arrive in EDI - Edinburgh @ 2:05 pm Arrive at Braveheart Guesthouse 26 Gilmore Place, Edinburgh, EH3 9NQ

The wedding is Saturday 10/22@ Borthwick Castle

On Tuesday, 10/25 I depart EDI on flight 255 on Aer Lingus @ 2:50 pm for Dublin.Arrive Dublin arrive at 3:50 pm, then onto Harvey’s Guest House11 Upper Gardiner St.

On Thursday 10/27 I leave Dublin on flight 122 on bmi airlines departs @ 9:00 amArrive London (LHR) @ 10:20 am where I will be staying at the Hotel Bonnington

Sunday I leave LHR - London Heathrow Airport @ 11:55 am American Airlines Flight # 105Arrives JFK @ 2:40 pm. Will be taking NY Airport Service Bus from JFK depart to G.C. and then take the train to Union Station in New Haven.Expected arrival to New Haven is around 8 pm.

That is my story and I am sticking to it!


Hi Kids!

I set this up in the hopes of being able to post items to it while on my trip in the will depend on if I can find internet cafe's. I will just have to see how it goes donchankow!!

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