Saturday, October 22, 2005

Wedding Day!

Greetings from Edinburgh!
Got settled in me room 'round 3:40 yesterday - very tired and in need of nap and a shower! Went out for a late dinner at a lovely Italian place - stopped in a pub down the street from Braveheart - Pub count now at 2.
Liz - I found your MongaHead supplies.....
Stepped out for breakfast this morning - can you believe they served baked beans with eggs, ham, frenchtoast, chips (a.k.a French fries) and brown bread pudding? Interesting meal - tasty.
Be sure and let the Madre know that over here they even serve baked beans for breakfast! She will want to stock up!

Will be heading back to Braveheart to prepare for the wedding - sporting the curly hair look today with the drizzling rain here. hugs and kisses to all!


Hi Nanc ~ ~
Sounds like you doing just fine!
I wonder if they will play "New York, New York" at the wedding today.

I ran into baked beans for breakfast in Barbados, an English Island. It then hit me about Mom and the beans and Grandma McCue was from England... AHA!

Have Fun! Mary
Glad things are going well. We stopped at 47 and your place today. All is well but no sign of Tuffy. Have a great time!

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