Wednesday, October 26, 2005

For those keeping track.... count is up to 23...number of times I lost O'Connell Street is 3....number of pictures on my camera is 384! I successfully ~'found' Temple Bar last night - listened to live Irish music complete with an old timer playing the spoons and a soulful rendition of 'Oh Danny Boy' - Gotta say you haven't lived until you have heard the ballad of Molly Malone and Oh Danny Boy by true Irish musicians in a true Irish Bar with a pint of Guinness! Eventually I ended up at the Quays (pronounced 'keys') for more live music and two gents singing 'Good Night Irene'. Standing up front of the 'stage' - I made friends with the band and didn't have to pay for another drink the rest of the night! Hmmmm....I guess I make friends easily in every country! I even got to use the 'private' toilet next to the bar instead of those icky public ones! Needless to say - I will be heading back there tonight - Sliante!

Today was a City Tour of Dublin - convenient tour bus where you pay one price and can hop on and hop off throughout the various 21 stops in the city. The main places I went today was St. Patrick's cathedral - Mom would be so proud! I bought some trinkets at the gift shop and a priest in a purple robe was working the register.........go figure! Took some beautiful shots of St. Pat's!

My next stop was at - the Guinness Storehouse - they own some 60 acres of property here. Admiddetly - I am getting hooked on Guinness! If all went well - I emailed a pic of me at Guinness to Terri and Lara. At the end of the tour was a glassed in floor with 360 panoramic views of the city! Oh yes - and few pint of Guinness on it's home turf! And yes - it WAS served COLD!!

Alrighty then it's round 7 pm here - headed back to Harvey's guest house to rest of for round two of the day - will be up early to catch the flight to London - will miss Dublin - but will simply have to plan a longer trip here!

Good Nite Irene - Good Nite Irene - I'll see you in my dreams!!

I got the email from Guinness--how can you ever drink that stuff? Did you see any of the old Irish boys from 1983 ("When Irish hands are groping....?)
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