Monday, October 24, 2005

Pub Count.... up to 8....and it isn't even noon yet!Still unable to download photos from the wedding - I need an XP machine and haven't found one yet. No worries - have several photos of Mr. Street's knees - not all to be published - I have to have my bribery shots for the future! Mark and Sarah should be on the isle or Mauritious (sp?) - I am sure he enjoyed the 14 hour flight with a 24 hour hangover!
Had dinner w/ Shelagh, Fernando, Mike, Bill, Sue & Jeff last night at a Topless places - er - I mean - Tapas place!

The rain is pounding quite heavy today and I am off to explore the Royal Mile and Edinburgh Castle. Pub count sure to increase before the day is through........

Pub counts a little, lassie... baked beans for breakfast sounds good to me but then green beer on Mar 17th used to sound good... Norm
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