Thursday, October 27, 2005

Cape Cod in London!

Yes - Yes - I have made it to my third country - pub count is at 32 - Pictures on digital camera is around 400...tonight I watched the Sunset over London from the London Eye ( i.e. BIG Ferris wheel). For any of those Google Earth - people out there - go to London and you can find the London Eye - I was there! Was absouletly stunning to watch the sunset next to Big Ben - couldn't have planned it better - it just worked out that at preceisely at Sunset - i was in car 11 atop the London Eye. Cool - totally cool!

Couple of things to note -
Sue - they use the Euro in Dublin - now I am back to using £'s...
Jeff - Ever find the City Cafe?
Mike H. - Still looking for a good Indian restaurant - can you help?
Shelagh & Fernando - how is Glasgow?
Terri - you taping ER? Don't forget the $ pickup!
Vicki & little Eff and 18th floor peeps - Trust me! I do have pictures - just haven't been able to download them! But when I do....
Lara - miss me on the train?

miscellanea.... it's a good thing that at crosswalks they tell you which way to look - I almost got hit crossing the street a few times in Dublin - but I seem to have the system down now here in London!
....'To Go ' or 'Take Away' prices are cheaper than the sit in prices...

K - believe it or not I am tired - had a lovely dinner at a fine Italian restaurant and need to crash if I am going to make it thru Friday and Saturday....I needs me rest donchaknow!

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Hi Nanc,
Sounds like you're having a ball. Be sure to see the Tower Bridge, it's beautiful, especially at sunset.
St Paul's Cathedral is where Diana and Charles got married, it's very beautiful.
Did you find any pubs open after 11:00?
love you, Mary
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