Tuesday, October 18, 2005


While in the UK ( & NOT Utah!) - I plan to check this email address if you want to drop me a note!

It's 2:11 and you're still here, I'm impressed (not that you're doing anything, I'm sure) but here nonetheless.
Have a safe trip. little eff
Pub count is only 8....what is wrong??
What is your pub count now? I mean you have to visit many to do a comparitive study. So it is science really. Do your homework well.:)
Hey Nance.. it's Lynn..Little Eff's boss:) Glad to hear your mastering the Guiness Gulps! I always heard those pubs are something to see...tho men in kilts just aren't for me..YUCK!! Sounds like you're having a blast! Hope you hit the hundred mark by the time you board for home. You wouldn't want to miss the one that might have "Mr. Right" in it..lol We're heading off for some much needed R&R in sunny Florida tomorrow to see Mickey. I'm sure you won't mind working Dan's 50 hours for him for two weeks:) Have a safe trip home.
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