Monday, November 28, 2005

Final Entry from the Trip...and ...the list!

My last night in London found me a discount ticket to the Producers - someone gave me the idea to try to see a show in London - and I found a ticket booth in Picadilly Circus which paid off!

At long last a final SLAINTE to the 43 pubs in 9 days in 3 Countries.....

-1. at JFK Airport -Broadway Brewery Co ....a bottle of Checker Cab Blonde started off the adventure in the states!

Edinburgh, Scotland...

0. Genneros - First night in Scotland - starved and jetlagged - found me a fine Italian place for dinner and Peroni's
0.1 Bennet's Pub - Deuchars IPA, Ameretto on the rocks.....right down the street from the Braveheart Guest Hotel
1. Auld Told Bar - established in 1706 - they pured a fine pint of cider as I watched Rugby
2. Home Street bar - Ahh.....the first Guinness on Tap!
3. IBIS - wine and prepping for the evening with the others from the states
4. World's End - STELLA!!!
5. Tapas - Sangria for one and all!!
6. Filling Station - Waiter! More Wine!
7. Belushi's - Fosters and Jameson's anyone?
9. Ensign Elwart - a fine place for some mac & cheese & a pint of Stella!
10. Frankensteins - where I met my dream man in green who bought me a pint of Foster's!
11. Deacon Brodie's Tavern - drink of choice - Belhaven's Best
12. The Arcade Bar - My Goodness! My Guinness!
13. The Mitre - Wine and Haggis with Neeps and Tatties!
14. City Cafe - some of us finally got th`ere~!
15. The Advocate - Siglo - a tasty wine!

Dublin, Ireland

16. Maye's - got parched searching for O'Connel Street - first Foster's was the first lever I saw...
17. The White Horse Inn....After getting off O'Connel Street, searching for the Temple Bar - thirst and hunger took over ....amazing how filling Guinness can be!
18. Buskar's - sos - Guinness anyone?
19. Fitzsimmons - ayre for a pint of Stella donchaknow!
20. Temple Street Bar! AT LAST! Let there be Guinness a-flowin', Live Irish Music in the air and a guy playin da spoons!
21. The Quays for Fosters and Flirting with the Irish Gents!

22. Panama Bar - Lunch anyone? Tones it down a bit with an Amstel ...
23. Gravity Bar - at the Guinness Storehouse~ St. James Gate Brewery!
24. Belvedere's - Tato's and Guinness!!
25. Madigan's - Opening Time is Guinness Time!
26. Fitzgerald's - If he can say as you can...Guinness is Good For You....How Grand to be a Toucan....Just think what Toucan do!
27. Hard Rock Cafe - Was craving American cuisine in the flavor of MGD and potato skins!
28. The Quay's - hmmmm....can't remember what I drank there!
29. Goggarty's - A final Guinness in Dublin!

London, England

30. The Strand - I was lost and stranded and Stella found me..
31. Lyceum Tavern - a fine English pub where a local chap suggested Ayingerbrau.... (spelling might be off!)
32. The Old Amalfi Grill - yes yes - restaurants are included in my Pub List - had a fine dinner with my chianti - or is it the other way around?
33. The Anchor Tap - after touring the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London, I found myself again seeking out one of Sam Smith's pubs for another taste of Ayingerbrau
34. The Blue Posts - Guinness withdrawals
35. Deham's Pub - Amstel is served just as cold there!
36. The Cambridge - must've been hungry 'cuz me notes say I had a Stella and a Salad...
37. Jack Horner - A glass of your house red wine if you please!
38. The Area - Any time of day is good for a Guinness!
39. The Brewmaster - That damned beatch Stellas was hounding me again!
40. Belushi's - wait?! Wasn't there one of those in Edinburgh? Bloody Hell!! Simply had to stop in for a pint and shot of Jameson's!
41. All Bar One - Your finest House Shiraz to gear up for the theatre this evening!
42. The Ivy - STELLA! Stop trippin' on me wavelength!
43. Los Locos - Yes yes - last entry was at a Mexican place for dinner and Margaritas!

Alrighty then....thus ends the tale of my adventures in the UK...hope you enjoyed perusing my posts.... future posts coming up will include Missing Marina's - and fun with Wax Lips.....stay tuned!!

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