Tuesday, November 15, 2005

London - Day 1

Arrived in London on a spectactularly sunny day!
A $60 cab ride from Heathrow to The Hotel Bonnington ( yeshhh yeshhh....stick your nose up in the air when you say that! ).
My cab driver suggested I head to the London Eye for perfect views of London. So I unpacked and got myself fired up for an evening in London - walked down to Waterloo Bridge - and as I rounded the main part of the bridge - there was a beautiful sight to behold!!

This was the view - a gorgeous sunny day! London Eye! Big Ben! Parliament!!
The Thames! AMAZING!

Yeshh Yeshhh.....another one of my self portraits... this was after having an order of "Jacket Potatoes" - gotta take in the local fare !

I then walked along the Thames and there were a slew of street performers. On the left is a mummy who entertained the crowds by "loosing" an eye and asking the kiddies for help!

Other than that - there were many mimes lined up on the walkway....

As I waited in line for my turn in the London Eye....this was the sight of Big Ben with towers of Parliament in the background.....

The picture on the far left was taken from the top of the Ferris Wheel - OOPS! London Eye .....at sunset! Simply beautiful!!

Afterwards - I walked on London Bridge and took some this funky shot of Big Ben...

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