Sunday, November 06, 2005

Scenes from walking around Edinburgh

Meet me and my new man - Mr Frankenstein Himself! My first night in Edinburgh I tried to find a place called "Frankenstein's" and couldn't find it - ended up on some seedy looking street and still hungry for food - as the street lights were fewer and fewer - I eventually crossed the street and found my way to a decent place for dinner . Monday after the wedding - Shelagh, Fernando and I met up for a day of sightseeing. Believe it our not we stumbled across "Frankenstein's" and simply had to go in!

It was raining like a wild banshee that day! I mean - I had heard that Scotland was all about the rain and I don't think it truly sank in until I walked in the pouring drenching rain for a few hours!!
One of these pics is of my legs - you can see where it was dry vs. where my jeans were friggin' saturated!

That is Edinburgh Castle on a normal rainy day in Scotland.....and that last pic is just something that struck me as cool in a pub called "The Filling Station" on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh!

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