Sunday, November 06, 2005

Scotland Museum of History

We enjoyed touring the Museum of History in Scotland! Although we never made it up to the third floor - something about walking around on the 2nd floor and hearing the creaks on the floor above us made us a little these are some of our new friends we made - they weren't much for conversation - and the mummy seemed to indicate that it was "really CHILLY" in the museum!

To the left here is a Puffin - T - totally doesn't look like our kitty from days gone by....still hoping to get to the coast of Maine and see real live Puffins in their natural environment - but seeing a stuffed one made me think of chicken......

This guy was amazing! It's like they stopped him and froze him in mid-leap!!
I don't even know what kind of animal this is - but he certainly enjoyed smiling for the camera!!

And for those who ever sondered what a Dodo bird looked like - here ya go!

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