Tuesday, December 27, 2005

New Haven Coliseum - Nov 16 2005

The demolition process began a few months ago....loong after efforts to save the Coliseum failed.
Jersey barriers and chain link fences began to surround the Coliseum on State, Orange, George & Oak Streets. The New Haven Knights of the United Hockey League, New Haven Nighthawks and Beast of New Haven of the American Hockey League all played there.....

did You know: The Coliseum was designed by the architects Kevin Roche / John Dinkeloo & Associates. The Coliseum hosted events from 1972 to September 1, 2002, when it closed permanently.
The final event held there was a Professional Wrestling show held by World Wrestling Entertainment....

The Parking lots for the Coliseum were constructed on top of the actual Coliseum itself.The New Haven marketplace found the approach to parking less than desirable upon the views of the quarter mile helical ramps ....

Street storefronts and an exhibition hall were never completed.
The Coliseum could hold 11,171 people at full capacity.

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