Tuesday, December 27, 2005

New Haven Coliseum - Nov 29 2005

The structure of the parking garages had deteriorated to the point where large canvas rectangles had to be attached to the outside to catch pieces of concrete which would occasionally drop off onto the sidewalk below.

The city shut the facility down after concluding that it was a drain on city coffers.

The city did not hold any public hearings, referendum votes, or conduct any legitimate surveys.

Several groups, local stakeholders, and the Coalition to Save Our Coliseum mounted a campaign to save and renovate the Coliseum.

While others in the community supported the plan to demolish the facility.

The city's plans to demolish the Coliseum will make room for a new downtown/Long Wharf redevelopment plan.

AS you can see from the photos I have taken since October......

most of the arena facility has been demolished in advance of the implosion.

From my view of the 18th floor from the Knights of Columbus, Myself and others watched the "claw" dig out the Coliseum from the inside.

Concrete was seperated from cold steel. Seats lay in piles of red and blue - leaving behind ghost of children, adults, teenagers from all walks of life with happy memories from the past.

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