Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer Vacation ~ 2015

WEll here I am settled into the cottage for the next 9 days! I do have to work today and tomorrow and am working with my laptop set up outside on the deck! Currently on a conference call and listening to the birds and the trees rustle.... Oh How I love it here!!! This is MY Vacation week here at the cottage - 47 Mohawk Road, Westbrook CT..... Daddy bought the place in 1973 and this is my real "HOME". I have lived here a few times in the summer while in between housing ( or wretched awful boyfriends - lol). Every summer I grew up here - getting up and down to the beach by 10 - hanging out all day on the beach with friends tanning and such. Then back home by 5:30 for dinner and showers and back out to the beach to hang out with friends. Or go to DQ , or the arcade.... or where ever!! Life was simple back then (We are talking late 70's into the 80's). But this cottage is my treasured home and I relish my time here. Finances being what they are - and now with my sisters and brother & I as the owners of record, I pay about $2,700 a year to enjoy the cottage. The past few years have been a struggle between the siblings with spending time here. Since I live a mile away it was presumed that "I can come here anytime" and "the others felt they were entitled to use the cottage all through the summer key months. This year we are doing something different, by splitting up the weekends in June and Terri & I get the cottage in July and Steve & Mary get it in August - through Labor Day. As typical, T & I are getting the short end of the stick but WE GOT JULY!!! So let's see how it goes. The rule/decision was that if it's not your month, you can pop in to use the bathroom. Which my brother and his daughter just did. I hope they don't come back. It actually puts me on edge thinking that they are nearby and may come back! I hope he doesn't intend on lounging around having cocktails or using the grill....argghhh...grrrrrr.... My vent about sharing the cottage today is: people do not shut the water off completely, so the water bill expense will be interesting to see what it is from last year. My plans for today? "Work" on the deck until 4 ish.... - possibly go to Happy Hour at Bill's with Terri.... - go for walks to the beach - set up croquette in the back yard - wash a few windows - make SUNTEA. And......I am off !!!!

I have so many awesome memories of that cottage! (and some not so good...spaghetti, blue cotton candy, devil dog creme in the mean lady's mailbox) I can't wait to come make new memories! :)
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